Sunday, February 6, 2011

Long lost blogger..

Today is a very special day...It is the day I have been putting off for a little while now.  I have always wanted to blog, but for some odd reason I always felt like I have to "get my blog together" and "prepare everything" before I start.  Now that I look back, I was being totally silly.  I have had my empty blog just sitting here waiting for me for quite some time.  What was I waiting on?  What is it that finally got me going?  The truth is...I do not even know myself.  All that I do know is that now that I am officially writing my first blog, I do not see myself ever going back to not posting blogs.  
Whew! Enough about that!  Anyways, I want to tell you a little about myself.  Over time, you will learn more, but lets just hit the fast forward button to get to where I am now.  I am truly, deeply in love.  I finally met my special someone, and I never, ever saw it coming.  He just kind of "crept around the corner" and appeared--LITERALLY! I now am a true, firm believer in love and soul mates.  Thank goodness, because I feel off of the boat of love believers a long while ago.  Jon Christopher rescued me!  I am now planning our wedding and the clock is ticking upon us right now, just counting down the days and weeks before our special day. I will be making a whole blog all about our wedding here soon! 
Today is also very exciting because we are leaving to go on a cruise tomorrow!  We are going out of Miami to the Caribbean.  We have been waiting for months now, and I cannot believe the day is finally here.  This also means I have to start packing now, for real.  Not just "mental" notes of what to pack, the day is here.  I have always felt like packing is a total weight upon my shoulders.  It really honestly stresses me out.  I always want to make sure that I have everything, but then comes not only everything, but the "right" things.  Like I may have everything that I need, but I do not want to get there and think, "Oh dear I wish I would have packed this instead of this!" or "Darn, my gold flats would have went better with this!"  That is what stresses me out.  I am going to try and truly organize everything and think about it in great detail, so that I do not have to feel regretful on how and what I packed.

Well I am going to get packing...It feels so great to be alive and blogging! 
Sew-n-Love xo Macy

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