Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cruise Princess

Wow!  I am in love with cruises. We had the most amazing time on our Caribbean Cruise!  I have traveled all around the world, and this was one of the best vacations I have been on.  Jon and I lived like a Prince and Princess for a week.  Everything was what I imagined and more....

We drove four hours to the Miami Port to set sail.  It was not a bad drive at all...well for me because I love to sleep in the car.  My man is a trooper, he will drive for hours and hours at a time and let me sleep like a little baby.  He is such a sweetie!  Anyways, when I first saw our cruise ship, I felt like we were getting onto the Titanic.  All week I would refer to our ship as The Titanic, it was fun =)

The first thing we did when we got on was book our shore excursions.  My birthday is on February 14th, so Jon booked me a surprise....RIDING HORSES ON THE BEACH!  I was so Happy!! Here is a little video to show my excitement...

Also, there is a little joke between Jon and I in this video, at the end of it I opened my mouth at the same time that Jon did his little chuckle laugh, and it really looks like it was me by the way my mouth was moving at the same time....You will have to watch it to see what I am talking about.  But Jon thinks it is me laughing, but I am 100% POSITIVE that it is him was an ongoing discussion throughout the trip.  Let me know what you think!
So the horse back riding on the beach on the Island of Grand Turk was so amazing!  I loved it!

I think we could both get used to riding horses on the beach of a lonely island...maybe someday we will be able to do it again!!  It was the most amazing birthday gift I could have asked for.

After we rode on the shore, the let us go out into the water and the horses ran like wild animals.  It was the neatest thing ever!  We were on the horses bare-back and up to our waists in water...We got a short video clip of it because the man who was suppose to take our picture accidentally switched the camera to "video"...silly man!

After we rode horses, we explored around the island and found a lot of neat things..

We went to a local stand where they had conch...which is what The Grand Turk Islands are known for...and it was delicious!!

I cannot wait for our honeymoon because we are going on an other cruise.  We are going to be like those "die hard" cruise lovers who cannot stop talking about going on cruises...Now I get it!

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